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We are experts in education

We work across the education sector – from nursery schools all the way to up to professional development, and every stage in between.

Our clients include:

  • Publishers
  • Awarding bodies
  • Universities and education institutions
  • Learned or scholarly societies and associations
  • Charities
  • Any related businesses or suppliers who want to engage with the education sector in some way.

This specialism means that we understand your audience, and we can talk the same language as the people you want to research. We are as comfortable discussing Progress 8 measures with English school leaders, as we are talking about the Curriculum for Excellence with Scottish schools. We can knowledgeably talk about the Common European Framework for languages (and know the difference between our A2s and our C1s), or we can delve into the merits of Green vs Gold Open Access with academics.

Extensive ELT publishing experience means that we are particularly well-placed to research this complex marketplace. We have significant international research experience and have researched schools and teachers across Europe, North and South America and Asia. We sometimes work with local partners in international markets to enable us to conduct local-language research where it is needed.

Whoever your stakeholders are, you can bet we will have researched a similar profile before – and all that learned experience means we continually improve and amass a level of learned experience that is invaluable for the next project.

Audiences we have researched include:

  • Teachers

  • Librarians

  • Academics

  • Students

  • Education Business Leaders

  • School Leaders

  • Exam Officers

Helping you get the best results.

Focus Groups

Focus groups can be an ideal way to get a range of opinions and conduct in-depth research. We organise, facilitate and report on all aspects of focus group work, and can advise you on the best approach.


If you need a creative response to a problem, we can run workshops with your customers or stakeholders to tap into their creative side, and help you develop new products or solutions.

Online Qual

We have a strong track record of running online communities – particularly for international research. We work with our software partners to set-up and moderate in-depth online discussions.


We have run a lot of large-scale online quantitative surveys – on everything from student recruitment to author satisfaction. We use professional-level survey software that offers real flexibility in the questions you ask and an in-depth level of analysis.


We can set-up and run long-term customer or user panels on your behalf. We can advise on the best way to engage with your participants, and develop a strategy for getting the best results from your panel.

Depth Interviews

We conduct depth interviews to really understand a topic – particularly useful in B2B or business sensitive areas. Interviews can be face-to-face, by telephone or using online solutions that allow you to observe the interviews as they happen.

Desk Research

Desk research can provide information on new markets, competitor information or exploring new opportunities.


We have run several training sessions on basic market research skills. From how to write a research brief, devising the best survey questions to the basics of running a focus group. We are happy to share our expertise for the times you need an in-house solution.


The facilitation and co-creation skills used in our focus groups and workshops with customers have also been widely used for internal sales & marketing teams, when they need to explore new ideas or solve a problem.